Why are guys attracted to orgies?

Group sex is a popular topic of guys’ fantasies, regardless of orientation. But while straight men’s dreams rarely go beyond “threesomes,” gay men’s needs are much broader. Many of those who have already experienced the delights of orgies won’t even call a “threesome” a group.

Often dreams of orgies remain dreams. Porn clips with three or more partners gain a huge number of views, but those who dared to do it and put it into practice are much fewer. To agree to an orgy is to agree in advance to have sex with strange guys. Let the organizers of such events often have strict face control, but there is always a doubt: what if I just do not like anyone there? What if I just can’t get it up and embarrass myself in front of a huge number of guys?

Fear fights desire. The attraction to something almost forbidden, shameful. And if the opportunity to realize this desire arises, the struggle only intensifies. Let’s be honest: not everyone receives an invitation to an orgy at least once in their life. After all, it’s not a public event like a concert or a party at a club. And the awareness of a certain elitism, of being chosen, only spurs interest. And at the same time, it reinforces fear: what if nothing good comes out of it?

The very overcoming of such fears and complexes already gives a powerful adrenaline rush. Plus the anticipation of something new, unexplored… It’s like the desire to try sex with a partner of a different race or ethnicity. It’s exotic, and exotic, more often than not, is erotic. The imagination draws tempting pictures in advance, working at full speed, increasing arousal. And, given that for many the first orgiastic experience is not the only one, the reality of the fantasy is not inferior.

Get to the point

Going to an orgy, you’re sure you’re going to get sex. In fact, that’s what they go there for. You don’t have to think about how to tell the guy you like, you just offer him what you want and you almost always get consent. There’s no ambiguity, no play – sex is pure. Debauchery? Yes. The height of debauchery and debauchery? Yes. But so what if everyone else is like that? If it becomes the norm for the duration of the orgy?

A whole bunch of horny guys ready to have sex with you. And you don’t have to pick just one, like in the same club or at a regular party. You are limited in the amount only by your own strength and potency. And the latter is just off the charts from what’s going on around you.

Group sex gives a sense of permissiveness, that you can realize any of your fantasies and not meet with disapproval – another powerful impetus. So is the realization that whatever happened here is here to stay. You won’t have to confront those who took part in it-except in the same circumstances and by consent.

Ultimately, everyone decides for themselves whether or not to have this experience, and if the first step has already been taken, whether to continue such experiments. After all, some dreams should probably remain dreams. But if it is only complexes that stop them from being realized, is it worth standing in indecision in front of this phantom obstacle? Isn’t it better to just decide one day than to spend the rest of your life regretting that you didn’t do it?

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